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Litton Industries

Litton Industries, now owned by Northup Grumman, is a company built on vacuum tubes and early computers. Charles Litton, Sr., was a scientist working at Stanford University in the 1930s when radio was the major technology of the day. By 1932, he had started his own business, using an invention hed developed to mass-produce glass radio transmitting tubes. In these early days of the company, Litton Industries was primarily focused on supplying the burgeoning radio industry, and exploring the generation and interception of radio waves.

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wayne norton2   (1/3/2007)
I purchased a Litton microwave oven in 1984. I have used it many times every day since then. I just wanted to congratulate you for making fine products that stand the test of time. Thank you.

cory hanna3   (1/4/2007)
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Michael Meiser4   (2/12/2007)
Hello, Im looking for a special spare part. Could you please contact me under email in advance

mjb 5   (3/13/2007)
Just wondering??? I purchased a Litton Microwave 500 Seriesin 1978. The door latch broke last night and after 29 years of service, we had to put our microwave to rest. Do you think it might still be under Warranty???Thanks for making such a great product.

henry browning6   (3/18/2007)
bought my litton microwave in and have used it daily with only an occasional bulb replacement. it has been the most reliable item ever owned.

Gene Addison7   (4/19/2007)
I was reading some of the comments posted before mine and I was not suprised to see that other people feel the same as I do. I purchased a Litton Meal-in-one microwave for my mom for mothers day in 1982. This microwave gets used numerous times per day and we are about to celebrate its 25th birthday. Anyway, I would like to show my appreciation for your company and the fine reliable products you all have has produced. email

D Woods8   (4/26/2007)
Our first microwave was a Litton (in 1979). It has long since been passed on to other family members and finally donated to a church, however, I still remember a recipe I made all the time from the cookbook that came with the oven and would like to pass it along to my newly-married daughter. It was called South of the Border Special and contained ground beef and a pkt of gravy mix. I look at old Litton cookbooks at book sales but have not found one this old. Does anyone have the recipe? Thanks!

Karen 9   (4/29/2007)
We bought our Go-Anywhere Microwave Oven in 1986 (with engagement-gift money) and used it daily till yesterday. We were so sad when it finally stopped working! My 12-year-old daughter wants to keep it still because its too sad for her to part with itshes had it all her life. She wants to store it in the attic. We know well never find another microwave with simple dials that you turn instead of touch-pad keys that wear out quickly. We wish youd bring back the Go-Anywhere model.

Beverly Coleman10   (5/10/2007)
During the mid-70s I purchased a Litton Industries manufactured Minute Master Electronic Oven Model 654; 115VAC; 15.0AMP; Serial #18200-FN, one of the first developed for home use. I still use the oven, which is in excellent condition. Dec., 1980, when I moved to MD from IL, the timer was replaced. Other than that, it has served me well. I have upgraded my kitchen and no longer need my long-serving Litton Minute Master Electronic Oven. I wondered if your company would have any interest in having it? If not, to Goodwill it will go. Please let me know. Thank you,Dr. Beverly E. Coleman806 Pasadena PlaceBowie, MD 20716-1914Home Phone: (301) 249-6966

Rýdvan  OZKOK11   (6/14/2007)
I am a field engineer.I encounter varýous marine electronics.when ý need any information about the equipments ý check the net. I get necessary technical information for the equipments e.g. furuno jrc (which they are very popular )from their website. but there is not any manual in your website for downloading. why???

 12   (7/9/2007)
Hello! Yes, Litton Microwave ovens were built very well and almost never fail for this reason.If any of you have old the tranformers or broken Litton Microwave ovens you should contact me. Shekinahguild@yahoo.comI recycle the transformers for another purpose entirely but I need them because modern microwave oven transformers are pieces of junk.Long live the legacy of Litton!

Kevin Kessell13   (7/10/2007)
My father died a few years ago and in his personal posessions were some weird looking devices,one is a vacum tube with Litton on it. He had retired from the Navy then he had went to work for NEMESES located on Port Hueneme Naveal base in Calif which he also retired from after 22 years. He worked on Missile and Gun Radar and Control systems so Im sure these items were conected to that area. The items look to be solid silver, weight is almost as heavy as lead and theres very little tarnish on them. Ive worked on electronics myself and have never seen anything like these before. If you could contact me I can send photos and maybe identify these if possible...Thanks for your time .. Kevin

nancy  franjoine14   (8/2/2007)
I still have my original Litton meal in one microwave oven, purchased when I bought my home in 1981, and have been using it all these years. My daughter has tried to replace it twice but I returned the new products each time. Alas, I think it may finally be on its way out and just wanted you to know that I will miss it (although my kids will not). Thanks for all the years, Nancy Franjoine

Ronald  Hamilton 15   (8/16/2007)
I use Litton designed electrical outlets. It is very Frustrating to attach wire to the nuts provided. It would be better if Wire holes were drilled below the Nut you could screw down onto the wire. This is a simple fix (could be better designed)for your new Company product

Stepo  Sixowondersen16   (8/26/2007)
I think I probably purchased the same model oven as wayne norton and also in 1984. I carried it home from the store and accidentally dropped it on the path into my apartment. :-) It is a miracle of engineering and is still the main source of my cookery 23 years later. Litton is the greatest!

julia  le roux17   (9/9/2007)
i need to find an instruction manual for a LITTON MICROWAVE OVEN! please help!

Quentin  Short18   (9/15/2007)
We purchased our Litton Generation 11 microwave in 1985 and it still performs as it did the first time we used it. I am very concerned that when it does leave us we will not be able to replace it. Do you still manufacture these items that would be compatible with Australian electrical standards of 50hzs 240volt s AC? Microwaves without the turn table are not available anywhere in Australia and this feature combined with its excellent quality are what we will be looking for again. Your reponse to would be most appreciated and congratulations on an outstanding product.

michelle  breits19   (9/23/2007)
I have a Little Litton from 1982. It runs great. Id like to know from Litton if its still safe to use? Seems like technology may have changed and safer? I cant find a replacement that is small and I can mount under my cupboard. Litton, do you have a replacement for this geat oven?

Lori D20   (10/11/2007)
We thought we were pretty special with our long-lived Litton microwave until weve been reading others comments and find that we are not unique! lol! Our Litton was purchased for my birthday in 1984 and we are approaching its 23rd birthday. Unfortunately, it finally died 2 days ago. Ours had a keypad, not a dial, and we never had a bit of trouble with that (in response to someone elses comment...ours never wore out). We did have to replace the light bulb a couple times and the main fuse once, but other than that never a bit of trouble. Trying to replace it now...thats a whole nother story! I want another Litton, darn it!!! We spent 6 hours yesterday going from store to store looking for a replacement that weve so far not found. Maybe were just being too picky, but nothing is living up to the Litton quality or features that were used to. Ah well... Thank you for making a product that kept us happy for all those years!

Mark Putman21   (10/25/2007)
I have never sent a compliment to manufacturer before. However, we have had our Litton microwave since 1983. It has been moved 3 times (dropped once by the movers) and still works like the day we bought it. I have never had an appliance last so long and be so consistent. Nice job, Litton!

Hellos, my name is Ricardo Vasconcellos. I am writing from Brazil. I am looking for Technical library. In the fact I am looking for the technical documentation from CDU P/N 7892475-041. It is a Delco originally manufactured by them.

marilyn strickrott23   (10/30/2007)
This is a question not a comment - I bought a Lil Litton microwave around 1985 or 1986. I cant tell what the wattage is since it is not on the back, bottom or sides. Would you be able to tell me? I have the little cookbook guide but it does not have the wattage listed anywhere. Thank you - Marilyn - mstrickrott@nycap.rr.comThank you, Marilyn

Shellii Martin24   (11/4/2007)
My grandparents still have and use their 1st microwave a Litton ofcourse! Like many other reader comments, it has stood the test of time and is one of the most reliable products of its kind and of all technology. Kudos to Litton Corp. This microwave must be the first model that the company produced! Questions contact me at

Marcia Schulman25   (11/6/2007)
Help! I have a Litton Prestige compact Microwave Oven LP13600. It is 18 years old and has an exact measurement space in my kitchen. Up until recently I have been able to get it repaired, however I cant get it repaired anymore. I also cant find a microwave that will fit in the custom space we designed for it. I miss my microwave. I would appreciate any help thats out there. Thanks M Schulman

Loretta Davis26   (11/6/2007)
I purchsed my Litton Microwave Oven in 1982. We watched in amazement as a potato baked to perfection. Wow. Now 25 years later and after 8 moves and over 700 miles later our oven is still working as it did so long ago. When my granddaughter watched it until it beeped off and the light went off, she cryed Grandma bring our food back. I assured her it was ok and showed her and she was ok then. I love this Oven and it has baked, cooked and warmed many a meal. It is still going strong on a daily basis and it was one of the large ones with a shelf. I have seen the new ones but I dont think I can ever give this one up. Thank you Litton for your great household helper. Sincerely, Mrs Davis I now have 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandones.

Barry Vogel27   (11/13/2007)
I entered this site for the first time today hoping to decide whether to fix or replace my Litton Microwave. My Litton Memorymatic was given to my wife and I as a wedding gift in 1963 by my parents and has been incredably dependable for 44 years. Weve never had a problem with it and had used it daily. The microwave holds sentimental value since my parents and my wife have past on. I guess its time once again to let go and put it to rest. Id like to thank you for building this incredable product. (The problem appears to be the touch pad. I will hold on to the microwave for a while hoping to hear from someone that can help me.

P. McCoy28   (11/21/2007)
I bought a Litton Go Anywhere microwave shortly after I moved to my new apartment in 1980. I was so pleased at how long it lasted. Alas, it recently died, (November 2007) and I was hoping to find another Litton microwave to replace it. It appears that I will not be able to find another new Litton microwave like the one I had and I am really disappointed. (I had come to love that little Litton machine because it was so reliable! Even the light bulb inside lasted until November 2007!)If its possible, PLEASE bring the Litton microwaves back!!!! Their quality is unsurpassed!!!!Thank you, Litton!!!!!!!

Merle Waller29   (11/28/2007)
My kids bought my wife a Litton Microwave 1560 series back in 1980. It went through 6 kids and were still using it today 2007. Where can I buy another one???? Thanks for making a great product.

Nancy Drews30   (11/28/2007)
We have a Litton microwave with oven below. The controls are seperate for each unit units. The model # is 4687po1 and serial # is 003877. Question is if the units are able to be seperated or are they all one unit that when one goes they both go??

Ronda McCauley31   (12/11/2007)
After 27 years of continuous and solid performance, I decided to down size my microwave. My children are grown and my husband & I are retired. Per her request, I am giving my original Litton model 1560, serial 43184, to my daugher and her family in perfect working condition. I wrote a letter detailing my terrific Litton experience but alas, there is no one to send my appreciation and congratulations to for a job well done. Thank you Mr. Litton.

Rose Miller32   (12/16/2007)
I purchased a Litton Generation II over-the-range microwave around 1980. It is almost 30 years old & still in great shape even the touch pad shows no cracks. I am updating my kitchen & replacing it this week I can only hope my new one lasts as long. My dilemna is whether I should donate it to the Smithsonian as the longest running microwave or see who wants it...

Robyn Fulton33   (12/17/2007)
I purchased a Littonware microwave 10.5 inch (26cm round) casserole dish with lid. Fabulous could you please tell me if these can still be purchased in Australia and if so where.

JO ANN SER BICK34   (12/19/2007)

Glenn Caswell35   (12/22/2007)
There seems to be a common theme among the posts here. Like so many others my moms microwave (Model 1560/Ser. No.24871) was purchased when she bagan working outside the home in the mid 1960s. It has been used almost daily since, however the latch button has recently cracked and the light bulb has required replacing at least a half dozen times. I know it will have to be replaced sometime in the future and was wondering if you can make them a little smaller.....this thing weighs a ton! Thanks,

MGBADA  JOE36   (12/31/2007)

Ray Hofer37   (1/16/2008)
I have lots of Litton aerospace parts if any buyers are looking for some. They date from the 1980s and 1990s. MILOENG.COM

Dave Lee38   (1/19/2008)
Cant find an Aerovox N50H2072K22RD (.728 uf, 2000V, 60 HZ, 80 degree C) capacitor with integral rectifier diode, or equivilent, to revive my Model 1139B Little Litton microwave oven. Aerovox doesnt manufacture them anymore. If you can help me find or supply a new/used repair part, please email me at davidclee.peoplePC and receive my undying gratitude.

Pam Bahr39   (1/20/2008)
I have a Litton Generation II countertop microwave from 1988. 2494A I have a bet with my husband as to how many watts it has. It does not state it on the oven anywhere nor in the accompanying book. Does anyone know? Please help me win my bet!!! By the way it still works email

Siman tov Yermiyahu40   (1/28/2008)
I have instoment P/N 94291001 -TOT digital indicator.I would like to receive RFP to repair the internal light.Thanks.

CHERYL WHEELER41   (2/14/2008)

Arturo Abolino42   (2/15/2008)
Hello,I recently received an old Litton microwave oven as a gift from a person who did not use it any more. Unfortunately I do not have the handbook, so I cannot exploit its functionalities.Therefore, IM LOOKING FOR THE HANDBOOK of my Litton Microwave oven. The data I read on the panel were:Model AH2285.a Serial 002529Manufactured in USA May 1989Microwave Cooking ProductsP.O. Box 1976 - Memphis TN 38101 - 0990Can anyone help me? My e-mail address is: r.enrietti@libero.itThank you in advance!

Kathy G43   (3/3/2008)
I bought my first microwave oven in 1982 Litton (Model 1571) and it still runs perfectly. I needed a smaller microwave oven and sadly replaced it but the Litton continues to live on in the church kitchen. Is there any chance that I could get a users manual to go with it? Thank you for a great, reliable product. In all those years I never had to have any repairs done at all.

Katherine LovesLitton44   (3/7/2008)
My mom bought our microwave oven - a Minutemaster - back in 1974. The light finally burned out two years ago but the little bugger is still going strong. Nice job! An American product that works and lasts.

Ed Dils45   (3/17/2008)
A Litton GenerationII 750 watt is our first and only microwave we ever purchased. We bought it in April 1986 (was built 2/86) for $259 at Highland Appliance and use it daily. In 22 years of ownership I have had to replace 1 fuse and the touch pad is just now starting to crack on a couple of often used numbers. This is by for the best appliance we have ever owned in terms of repair and longevity and still going strong. Too bad they dont make these anymore as I would buy another one of these in a minute. My sister is now on her 7th microwave since we bought this one, so much for foreign product quality.

Carol Bias46   (3/27/2008)
We are happpy to have found this page as we assumed we were one of very very few still using a Litton Minutemaster 416, vintage 1975. So far the initial cost averages less than 4 cents a day, of course that doesnt count the $1.49 bulb I repaced today for the first time. We are going to continue to use it as long as it will last rather than replace it with one of the cheap smaller models that are on the market today. Thanks to Litton for making a quality product. Carol Bias, Liberty, IN -

Lily Luo47   (4/10/2008)
LITTON580-900-0630YEAU:1188please quote for this part

Virendra Bhana48   (4/16/2008)
Hi. i have a litton menumaster 3100i. i would like to know where can i get a door switch from for this particular model. could you please forward me the address or telephone number where i can purchase this part. my email address is thanks

Michael Gonzalez49   (4/22/2008)
Wow I read all the comments but mine is totally different. Im searching for Litton for different reasons.My father was once an employee there and I would like to find out what information is available about him that I can possibly have to continue my search. Im his son and recently got out of the Beloved Marine Corp and want to start my family tree as I have a yound lady who is expecting a child. I want my child to know what he or she can about their grandfather.He had left when I was a 2 or 3 year old little boy. Litton has to have been in Chicago Illinois or the immediate outlying suburbs.None of the sites I checked give locations other than California. My mother is elderly now and cant offer me too much more information.If anyone can respond I would not only be greatful but more so complete as I could finally rest. Please respond to

Ronald Higgins50   (4/25/2008)
I thought my experience with a Litton microwave oven was unusual, and worthy of special notice, until I discovered this web site. My wife and I purchased Model 1570, Serial # 31809, in May 1981. This was the only microwave oven we ever owned, until a couple of months ago, when we finally replaced it with a newer oven. We replaced it because around the first of this year the Vari-Cook feature quit working, though it still worked perfectly on the high setting, and then a couple of weeks before we replaced it, the door latch showed some signs of wearing out, in that it became occasionally difficult to operate. I have never had another electrical or electronic appliance of any kind that lasted that long or through that much use.

Paula W51   (5/7/2008)
Wow. I often look at my microwave and have thought many times that this company must have put themselves out of business a long time ago making a product this good. Why cant everything be like this. I have a Litton Generation II microwave my Mom bought when I was in college. I am now almost forty and I actually hug this appliance from time to time. I think, if everyone made stuff like this we could save the earth. I have replaced a fuse...once. It is larger inside than any other microwave I have ever owned or seen. I use it every day, cook corn on cob and anything else for my family in it. It still pops microwave popcorn better than any new ones I have used. Although the glass shelf broke some time ago, I would never give it up. I still have the owners manual (model 2239a serial 003182). When it finally dies, I think I will cry for days. Please, please, please, make this product again! (By the way, my Mom is not dead, if you are thinking this a purely sentimental attachment!)

Pamala Sisto52   (5/9/2008)
Hi,I just purchased a house that has a Litton Microwave Range (with many dials). Does anyone know where to get a instruction book?It looks like it was hardly used and it is in very good shape and would love to use all the functions of this oven. Any help would be great, you can email me at

Marilyn L Elliott53   (5/12/2008)
I need a copy of the loan you bought from Bank One in 2001 for a loan of $90000 for Mrs. Dorthy L Elliott Of Greenfield. Her home address was 401 South Noble Str Greenfield Ind 46140. I need this info asap. I am her daughter,was her POA
FRANK MASTERS54   (7/12/2008)

Michael Levitt55   (9/18/2008)
I would like to thank Litton for the microwave I purchased back in 1965. Other than three small repairs its been working perfect, and still is, all these years. Its a model # 403-003 and has cooked and warmed thousands of meals for my family of five. Thank you Litton

Jena Jordahl56   (9/22/2008)
I bought my Litton Generation II model 2476.000 when my oldest daughter was born. I put it on a payment plan I was so poor when I bought it. I have to agree with other comments on this page. It is the best microwave anyone could ask for. Twenty three years later, it is still going strong. It even asks me questions to prompt me for the correct order of my entries. How Long? How Done? I love it o)

Mrs. Fuhrman57   (10/9/2008)
We received on Litton Prestige Microwave as a wedding gift in 1988. We still use it every day. It is a great product! It came with a guide and cookbook. This product was made the way all products should be made, but are not, too last! Thanks for making a great product!

William Miller58   (11/21/2008)
NOTE Some parts for older Litton microwaves can still be had here E. Millerprototech at usa dot

sgt. will smith 59   (12/1/2008)
Hi, we purchased cruise missiles with litton made guidance systems in the early 90s. They worked great and helped erase many undesirables in our neighborhood ,including desert storm . I wish we could still get weapons systems this reliable today.

Happy consumer 60   (12/9/2008)
Our model 2238.000 Litton Generation II microwave oven built in October 1985 is retiring after 23 years of daily usage (since December 1985)............with the exception of replacing a fuse on couple of occasions and a light bulb, the oven ran flawlessly, and I believe the reason it eventually quit on us was due to my negligence when I ran it sorta dry for few minutes. Otherwise I believe it would have still been running just fine. Thank you Litton for producing such a fine product, which was also mananfactured in the U.S.A. Respectfully,A happy consumer

d.jackson 61   (12/26/2008)
we received our litton generation II microwave in 1986 for a wedding gift. today it stopped working. its an actually sad thing as it still ran and performed better than most of the ovens made today. the only thing in our marriage that has lasted as long is the marriage itself(even tho she just hit me for fear of what i WAS going to type). so litton, ever thought of building cars and trucks??? P

Chuck Rosenthall62   (1/4/2009)
We own a Little Litton Microvave.Model Number 1146.101,serial No 040767.It is still operational.It is very old.(as you Know) Could tell me the power of this unit,How many Watts does it produce?

maria buras63   (2/3/2009)
I just wanted you to know,that MY Litton Microwave just celebrated its 30th Birthday last month,Jan.2009!!And it is used for something or another every single day. Sincerly,Maria

Terry 64   (2/25/2009)
I purchased one of the first Litton SpaceS Saver microwaves in 1975 and still using it. It has outlasted my sisters 6 microwaves she has bought since then. I am sure I am getting more radiation that I need but hate to give it up. It is not everyday that you can buy a product that will last a lifetime!

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