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Litton Industries was involved in a variety of industries throughout its corporate lifetime. Charles Litton started by building radios and radio vacuum tubes, later getting into the radar industry with electron tubes similar to vacuum tubes. Litton Industries also built many of the first microwaves and technologies based around microwaves.

Its location in Silicon Valley made it inevitable that Litton Industries would get involved in the burgeoning computer world as well. Youll find Litton typewriters and calculators dating from the fities and sixties. After this period, most Litton Industry products were in the military sector, so you wont find much on the market for these items, but you may find a few items like thermionic valves and electronic connectors.

Litton Industries has been bought out by Northrop Grummon, but that doesnt mean you cant find Litton parts anymore. Some places to look include:

Northrop Grummon

Though Litton has been subsumed into Northrop Grummon, you can still get some older Litton parts from the company. You may not be able to get them online, so if youre not certain, give the company a call.


It may be true at this point that you can find everything [legal] for sale on eBay. A quick examination of available Litton Industries products on eBay turns up a variety of microwave equipment, including browning trays; microwave meters; a glass blowing lathe; and a wide variety of documents and white papers on different Litton Industries products. Provided the product is not protected by governmental secrecy, a simple search on eBay will turn up many Litton parts and products.

For many schematics, instructions, and manuals that came with Litton products, you can try You can replace them at a reasonable price.

You can often find exact or equivalent parts to Litton products at the Part Store online. Youll need to have the exact part number and similar information. This works primarily for Litton products that were released for general consumer use. If you have specialized commercial or military needs, youll probably be better off going through Northrop Grummon instead.

If youre looking for the really old Litton parts, try They provide not only Litton Industries parts, but also parts for many vintage radios of all sorts.

Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is one of the best online sources for any computer component, and they carry some Litton parts as well. This might be the best place to look first for used or older Litton Industries parts for computers or even radios.

In addition to these major places, search online at antique radio and antique airplane supply sites. You wont find anything that will enable you to rebuild top-secret equipment, but you may be able to find decommissioned equipment as well as anything that Litton Industries built for the private sector.

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